Who We Are

Viktor Vecsei

Viktor Vecsei is a writer, researcher and privacy advocate who finds paragraphs about himself in third person odd. Participating in OnDeck's Writing Fellowship and having an unparalleled experience turned him towards spreading knowledge about community based courses. He is responsible for research interviews and compiling reviews at NextCohort.

Chez Spigelman

Chez Spigelman is a finance professional who works at Clear.co by day, and on a multitude of side projects by night. He loves finance, technology and entrepreneurship, and seriously suffers from shiny things syndrome. Fortunately for you, this ensures that NextCohort always has the freshest news and views on all things CBC’s.

About Us

NextCohort was founded by Viktor Vecsei and Chez Spigelman in 2021. We connected through OnDeck, one of the premier providers of Cohort Based Courses (CBC’s). During our experience, we realised cohort based courses are the best way to learn online, and there was no way we would ever again attend a regular, recorded online course with no community built around it. In addition, during an OnDeck hackathon, Chez built HelloFellow, a place to find OnDeck alumni and book a free 1:1 meeting with them to find out more about the program. It's success showed us that there is a genuine audience for cohort based programmes and inspired us to build NextCohort.


Our Mission

We aim to make learning with peers accessible to everyone, and to that end we’ve built a constantly updated directory of cohort based courses from across the Web. We’re particularly excited about Topical CBC’s - courses that have a specific topic as their focus, such as becoming a founder, solving climate change or exploring the edtech landscape. Such courses are genuinely novel - they tie learning and communities together online through a powerful idea or narrative. 

To help you decide which CBC’s are the best fit for you, we provide detailed, in-depth reviews of popular Topical CBC’s. Our reviews combine programme insights, with experiences recounted directly from alumni of these programs, as well as tips on whether you should apply and how to increase your chances of getting in.

Note: we aren't focused on courses and bootcamps that prepare you for a job.


About Cohort Based Courses

A CBC is a short duration course delivered online, with a specified start and end date. The cohort size is small enough such that all cohort members can interact and learn from each other. The community and camaraderie outlives the formal learning stage of the course.

Looking for a deeper look at CBC's? We've got a detailed writeup here.

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