Introducing: User Reviews

By Chez Spigelman

If you're a CBC fan, or even a fan of any type of online course, you'll know that it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. There are a lot of courses, a lot of teachers and lot of content out there, and it's hard to know when it's worth investing your time and money.

At NextCohort, our mission is to solve this problem, specifically for CBC's. Because CBC's are genrally somewhat expensive, and reuqire a genuine time commitment, it's all the more important to know what yoyu're signing up for before you commit.

We have over 200 CBC's on our platform - until know, people used NextCohort as a discovery tool - to find out aboiut new, interetseing and exciting CBC's. We also have authored some in depth reviews of some popular CBC's ourselves.Today, wh have a new feature - user reviews.

Anyone can leave a short review of a CBC that they atteneded - though we do moderate all reviews for authenticity. With that, users get an unbiased, indpendent view of what the course they're considering is like. They can even follow up directly with the reviewers, who all have a public social profile, to seek out more information on the course they are considering.

Check out the No Code Fellowship and Joel Hansen's LinkedIn Masterclass, which both feature numerous user reviews. In the short term, we plan on obtaining user reviews on an array of courses, which will provide immense value to to the community at large.

Our roadmap consists of many tools that will enable CBC creators to stand out and attract new studios, and as such we're very keen to get new CBC creators on boarded. If you run a CBC - reach out! We have free lifetime premium memberships on offer.

At NextCohort, our vision is to become the Internet’s home for all things CBC's. Independent, verified reviews. A Directory, to discover new and trending courses. And a Blog, full of posts like the one you’re reading right now, to educate and inform you on this great new age of online education.

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Chez Spigelman

Chez is a finance professional who dabbles in technology. He is a cofounder of NextCohort.

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